Arianne Cohen, 6’3” is a bona fide tall expert. She is the author of The Tall Book, she travels the globe giving talks on body image and self-esteem and she was once the genesis of an entire episode of The Martha Stewart show. She graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and her writing has appeared in Vogue, Marie Claire and The New York Times. Currently based out of Portland, Oregon she splits her time between running The Sex Diaries Project and helping tall women find everything they need, particularly gorgeous clothing!


Arianne has been a champion of Stand Tall Week since its inception in the UK back in 2010. She has been instrumental in launching the North American version and will travel far and wide to spread the word. As an expert on “tall body image” she seeks to tear down the stereotypes associated with being tall and encourages taller women to love and embrace their height. Who better to be our spokesperson for this event?  

In the weeks leading up to Stand Tall Week Arianne will be filming television appearances, answering all your tall questions via Facebook and giving readers a peek into her everyday life through her What I Wore Today blog.

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